Sunday, October 14, 2012

Patient Modesty: Volume 51

It is all about "spreading the word".  In all of these  previous 50 Volumes and literally thousands of postings on this blog, the observations of visitors regarding the inadequate state of preserving patient modesty by the medical caregivers  have been amply described and rarely, if at all, argued against.  It is my opinion that it is well past the time to proceed and, if the "word" is important and vital, to begin to  spread the word to the general public and, of  course, to the medical system itself. 

Not seeing any significant public activism about this issue by my visitors,  I have put up on one internet petition site a statement expressing my summary of all that has been written on this Patient Modesty thread.   Currently, the petition is not drawing much response of support by the public in terms of signing the petition.  Obviously, this petition requires more publicity.  In fact, the writing of perhaps even more  descriptive and emotional petitions on other sites or publicizing the current site would be more effective to gain signatures than my simple summary .

I hope this Volume 51 of Patient Modesty be used as a communication site for the visitors to focus on their own "spreading the word" both through petitions and other means.  If you want change, start it now!  ..Maurice.